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NSGA Member Clubs Location Phone #
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Abercrombie Country Club  New Glasgow  1-902-755-4653
Airlane Golf Club  Goffs  1-902-873-4040 
Amherst Golf Club  Amherst  1-902-667-1911
Annapolis Royal G & C C Annapolis Royal  1-902-532-2064 
Antigonish Golf & Country Club   Antigonish  1-902-863-4797 
Ashburn Golf Club   Halifax & Kinsac Lake  1-902- 443-8260
Aspotogan Ridge Golf Course Hubbards 1-902-858-3888
Avon Valley Golf & Country Club  Falmouth  1-902-798-2673 
Baddeck Forks Golf Club   Baddeck Folks  1-902-295-2174 
Bell Bay Golf Club  Baddeck  1-800-565-3077 
Berwick Heights  Weston 1-902-847-9000  
Bluenose Golf Club  Lunenburg  1-902-634-4260 
Brightwood Golf & Country Club   Dartmouth  1-902-466-7688
Brookfield Golf & Country Club  Brookfield  1-902-673-3352 
Brule Point Golf Tatamagouche 1-902-657-4653
Chester Golf Club   Chester  1-902-275-4543 
Clare Golf & Country Club  Comeauville  1-902-769-2124 
Coyote Hill Golf Course Newport Corner 1-902-757-0157
Digby Pines Golf  Resort and Spa Digby 1-800-667-4637
Dundee Resort & Golf Club   Cleveland  1-902-345-0420
Eagle Crest Golf Course  Centreville  1-902-679-3033 
Eden Golf & Country Club  West Paradise  1-800-782-8814 
Fox Hollow Golf Club  Stewiacke  1-902-639-2535 
Glen Arbour Golf Course Hammonds Plains  1-902-835-4653
Glen Lovat Golf Club New Glasgow 1-877-774-4536
Granite Springs Golf Club  Bayside   1-902-852-4653  
Grandview Golf & Country Club  Crane Hill Road   1-902-435-3767  











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