Women's Golf in Canada Timeline





1896       Ladies’ golf was first played in the Province.  Golf started in Halifax with 50 ladies and gentlemen forming a club, Gorsebrook Golf Club.  It was so popular that the ladies’ membership increased from 4 to 63 in two years.


1901       First Canadian Ladies’ Championships conducted by the men of the RCGA.


1902?     Windsor Golf Club was situated on the site of Fort Edward where final plans for the Expulsion of the French Arcadians were laid; the old moat that once surrounded the fort was one of the hazards of the course.


1903       Lingan Golf & Country Club was formed.


1906       Truro Golf Club was established.


1908       Yarmouth Golf Club was founded.


1909       Amherst Golf Club came into existence.  The game was played with clubs consisting of a $3.50 Brassie, a cleek, a mashie and a putter each costing $1.50.


1913       Canadian ladies’ Golf Union formed.


1916       Brightwood Golf and Country Club established.


1921       Ken-Wo Country Club was incorporated and there were two ladies as charter members--Hilda Johnson and Lady Margaret Townshend.


1924       CLGU assumed responsibility for Canadian Ladies’ Open Championship replacing RCGA.


1926       Maritime Branch of the Canadian Ladies’ Golf Union was founded.


1928       First Provincial “meet” held at Brightwood Golf and Country Club.  This was a two-day medal play.  There were 18 golf clubs in the province at the time.  Mrs W. T. Allen was the President for Nova Scotia.  She also served again in 1933-34.


1934       Prize at the “Provincial Meet” for the most suitably dressed golfer--three awards were made.


1935       Constitution formulated and adopted in 1935 for the Nova Scotia Ladies (still part of the Maritime Branch).


1951       The Nova Scotia Provincial Tournament became an Open Tournament for a trial period of two years.  Jean King Memorial Trophy was donated and awarded to player with the lowest net score in the Provincial Tournament.


1953       There were 199 players with established handicaps.


1954       Nova Scotia Ladies’ Golf Association established.  Prior to this Nova Scotia was part of the Maritime Golf Association.  The Provincial Tournament became a three-day medal play competition.


1955       For CLGU Junior Championship was held in conjunction with the Amateur.


1957       Youth Trophy first awarded to the Junior Champion.  Rita Lohnes was the first winner.  She was inducted into the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame in 19xx.  Her daughter won the Canadian Junior at Abercrombie in 19xx.


1958              Nova Scotia hosted a Maritime Ladies' Match Play Tournament at Brightwood (Rita Lohnes won both the Open and Junior titles).  The Senior (45 and over) Maritime Meet was won by Mrs J. K. S. Manuel of Halifax.  Rita Lohnes won both the Nova Scotia Junior and Amateur titles.


1959       Mary Fenton who started her golf in May entered the Provincial Open in the 3rd Division, but by the final day of play she was among the finalists in the running for the Championship.  She won the Junior prize for the Meet, as well as the Low Net (54 holes) for the whole Field, and she hit three drives in the Driving Competition to outdistance her nearest rival, Rita Lohnes, by about 30 yards.


1960       Mary Fenton won Nova Scotia Junior title.


1964       The first Open and Closed Nova Scotia was held concurrently.  Paragon Golf Club was opened for operation.  It was founded as a company and companies as well as individuals were part of it.  Digby Pines and Cape Breton Highlands were accepted as members of the CLGU.


1971       First Nova Scotia Senior Ladies’ Team was selected.  First separate Canadian Senior Ladies’ Tournament held at the Ladies’ Club of Toronto, Thornhill, Ontario.  First separate Canadian Junior Championship held.


1973       Provincial Junior became a two day tournament. The CFDR Trophy was established for the Open Champion for the Junior Championship.

               Canadian Senior Ladies’ held in Truro.  This Canadian Championship has also been hosted by Lingan (1980) and Brightwood (1992).


1975       28 clubs; approximately 2,000 members.  First RINGER published on the 20th anniversary of the NSLGA (1955).  Canadian Ladies’ Amateur was held at Oakfield and the Canadian Junior at Brightwood.

               CFDR Radio Tray for the Champions in the Nova Scotia Two Ball

               Craft-Zavichas Golf School held at Oakfield (also in 1976, 1977 and 1978).


1977              Margaret Bishop finished second at the Canadian Senior in Winnipeg--the best showing ever by a Nova Scotian in the 18-year history of that national event.


1978              The Nova Scotia Amateur Team won the first Interprovincial Tournament in Moncton, N.B. and the Benson & Hedges Trophy.


1979              The Interprovincial included Newfoundland, New Brunswick, PEI, and Nova Scotia and was held at Oakfield Golf & Country Club on August 1.  Nova Scotia won the Benson & Hedges Trophy (Mary Fenton, Kathy Powers, Terri Logue, and Jeanne Boudreau).


1980              31 clubs, 1,930 members.  The Nova Scotia Amateur Ladies’ Team won the Low Net at the Canadian Championship.  The Junior Team won the Team Championship in Newfoundland.  Members of this team were Heather Cameron, Rebecca Stark and Jill Himmelman.


1981    Kathy Powers was ranked 10th in Canada for lady amateur golfers.


1983       50th anniversary of the Nova Scotia Ladies' Amateur Championship.


1984              31 clubs, 2,163 members.  Fifteen of the clubs were 18 holes.

The first Bowater Senior Provincial Tournament was held at Abercrombie Golf and Country Club (two-day tournament)--Lillian Swanburg was the champion.  Bowater Mersey donated a wooden trophy called “Grace and Form.”  It was still a requisite to compete in the Nova Scotia Amateur Provincial Tournament in order to be eligible for the Senior Provincial Team).


1985       32 clubs, 2,419 members.  Ken-Wo Country Club hosted the Canadian Junior Championship (first time it was held in Nova Scotia).  New Ashburn hosted the Canadian Ladies’ Amateur.


1986       33 clubs, 2,520 members; Parrsboro joined the Association.


1987       36 clubs, 2,465 members; Springhill, LePortage and River Oaks joined.  The Senior Team of Margaret Bishop, Barb McKeil, Lillian Swanburg, and Pat Nickerson won the 1st Low Net at the Canadian Championship. (Ringer has article on Lib Connors and poem by Dot)


1988       36 clubs, 2,797 members;  Joanne Johnson named to Canadian Team to Mexico and to Australia

               North American Life Mother/Daughter & Junior/Non-Junior discontinued.  These divisions became part of the NSGA’s Family Classic.


1989       On December 31, North American Life discontinued its sponsorship of the Family Classic.


1989              37 clubs; Grandview joined the NSLGA;  Canadian Junior hosted by Abercrombie (fire destroyed their Club House).  Nova Scotia Juniors won the Overall Low Net at the Canadian Junior at Abercrombie.  Fifteenth edition of the RINGER (historical information).


The 1989 Interprovincial competition held in Amherst was won by the Amateur and Senior teams from New Brunswick.  The Junior Interprovincial title was awarded to the Nova Scotia Junior Girls--Nicole Hollett, Nicole Barry, Jennifer Baker, and Susan LeBlanc.


1990       38 clubs, 2,902 members; Belmont joined the Association.  (Trivia from the past and info on Wendy Seaman trophy in RINGER).


1990              40 clubs, 2,894 members; Brookfield and Granite Springs joined the NSLGA.  Brightwood turned 75 years old.  Slope system adopted. Truro Club turned 85 years old.


1991              Write-ups on Northumberland, Brightwood and Truro re anniversaries in 1991 Ringer.


1992              40 clubs, 3,060 members; Canadian Senior held at Brightwood.  Course records published in Ringer.


The 1992 Interprovincial Tournament was hosted by Nova Scotia at Oakfield.


1993       40 clubs; 3,140 members; Lib Connors and Miriam Penny inducted into the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame.  Prior to their induction four other lady golfers had been inducted:  Dorothy Holmes in 1980; Edith Bauld in 1981; and Maisie Howard and Rita Lohnes in 1982.


1994       Kathy Powers won her 13th Nova Scotia Ladies’ Amateur title.  Her first win in the Amateur was in 1976 at Amherst with a 10-stroke victory.  In 1973 and 1974 she won the Nova Scotia Junior.


1995              RINGER has song re matches.


2002       Canadian Ladies' Amateur Championship held at Ken-Wo Country Club


1996              Heather Wilbur of New Brunswick won the Nova Scotia Ladies’ Amateur Open.  The last person from outside of Nova Scotia to win the Open was Mary Ellen Driscoll from New Brunswick who was champion in 1978 and 1979.


The 1996 edition of The Ringer had wonderful write-up re NSLGA and members done by Winnie Horton as the Archivist.


2003       70th anniversary of the Nova Scotia Ladies' Amateur Championship


2005       Ruth Maxwell won both the Amateur and Senior Championships held at Abercrombie Golf Club


2005       Nova Scotia Ladies’ Golf Association amalgamated with the NSGA.

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