The NSGA strives to uphold professional standards at all our events.   We ask all spectators to please assist our players by abiding by the following Spectator Policy.

 Dress Code:  Each course has its own particular dress code. Spectators who do not meet the standard established by the host club and/or the NSGA could be refused admittance to both the golf course and clubhouse. 

 Power Carts: Spectators are not permitted to use power carts during the tournament.

 Cell Phones:  Cell phones must be set to the "vibrate" only mode or turned off.  Many golf clubs have policies that prohibit the use of cell phones on the golf course and or in the clubhouse.  It is your responsibility to follow the policy of our tournament host.

 Communications:  With the exception of asking the player if he/she would like to eat or drink at the turn or the need to deal with medical situations, no communication (verbal or non-verbal) is to take place with the player.

 Minimum Distances & Prohibited areas:  A minimum distance of 40 Yards must be maintained between the player and spectators.

 When cart paths are provided, spectators must stay on the paths. When no cart paths are available, the outside rough will substitute for the cart path. Spectators are prohibited from the following areas:

·      Tees, Fairways, Greens

·      Scoring and Starting areas

·      Rules Situations

 Lost Golf Balls: We request that spectators assist the NSGA on-course officials with pace of play by observing when and where golf balls stray. It is permissible to point to the area where the ball traveled but you are not authorized to assist the player in searching for the ball unless asked by a NSGA official. This opportuni­ty is not to be utilized to have a conversation with the player and does not supersede the 40 yard mini­mum distance requirements.

 Equipment & Clothing: The Committee prohibits spectators/parents from carrying clothing or equip­ment for the player. (e.g. rain suit, umbrella). Spectators are permitted to carry food and drinks.

 Interference & Influence:  Spectators, including parents, are to have no influence on play.  Any direc­tion, interference, influence or advice may be a violation of the Spectator Policy or Code of Conduct.  

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